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Autonomous vehicle


Cyberattack is a major risk for the autonomous vehicle industry.

SAPSAV is designed to help minimise this risk.


What is SAPSAV?


SAPSAV (Stand Alone Protection System for Autonomous Vehicles) is designed to prevent hijacking. It provides essential protection for autonomous vehicles.

"Safe and reliable control systems are essential to the success of self-driving vehicles and any automated system will need to be designed to minimise the risk of unlawful access to essential controls"

Connected and autonomous vehicles - a hacker's delight?

UK Autodrive paper, September 2017

"The risk associated with hacking autonomous vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure is high and can result in serious damage to people and property"

Is cyber security the greatest threat for autonomous vehicles?

Corrs Chambers Westgarth article , August 2018

"We have seen the mayhem that can be caused today by a single car, van or truck. Now imagine if a malevolent hijacker were able to gain remote control of 1000 vehicles."

Alan Taylor, SAPSAV founder

Cyberattack is a major risk for the autonomous vehicle industry.

SAPSAV is designed to help minimise this risk.


SAPSAV  technology ...

SAPSAV comprises software and hardware components which, in combination, provide a secure defence against cyberattack.

The components are configured to protect against botsingle-vehicle and multi-vehicle attacks, and to ensure that the protection system can always take control.

It forms a key part of a layered approach to cybersecurity.

SAPSAV does not require any modification to the main autonomous driving system.

​​SAPSAV is intended for:

  • automotive manufacturers

  • technology providers

  • developers of self-driving systems.


SAPSAV can be used in ALL autonomous machines including vehicles, humanoid robots and drones.

SAPSAV is designed to become a universal and inexpensive cybersecurity standard and thereby enable a safe and effective robotic world.

A US provisional patent application has been filed.

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