SAPSAV concepts

SAPSAV does not involve replacement or modification to the main driving system

SAPSAV protection architecture is founded on 3 key concepts...


concept 3



Key components are isolated:

  • from main driving system

  • from outside networks

  • from over-the-air communications


So no external attack surface - cannot be hacked except by direct physical tampering

concept 1

Protect vehicle, not system


Additional layer of protection:

  • Does not replace the driving system's own security, which is first line of defence

  • Protecting the vehicle protects the people


It's the physical threat that must be stopped

concept 2

'Human in the driving seat'


What would an alert human driver do?

  • Realise something's wrong

  • Take control

  • Stop the vehicle safely


Designed to do exactly this - but with much faster reaction time