SAPSAV mission

"There are 100 million lines of software in a connected vehicle, never mind an autonomous one. And this software has not been written from the ground-up ... A great deal of it is legacy software... there is huge potential vulnerability"

UK Autodrive paper, Sept 2017

  "The interfaces of connected vehicles present an opportunity for exploiting vulnerabilities if adequate cybersecurity mechanisms are not implemented"

Principles of Automobile Cybersecurity, ACEA, Sept 2017


"We have seen the deadly results of using a single vehicle as a weapon. Imagine if a terrorist were able to take over 1,000 vehicles remotely? We must, with 100% reliability, develop and deploy the technology to prevent this"

Alan Taylor, SAPSAV founder, May 2019

"A hacker with only modest resources could launch a massive attack against our automotive infrastructure, potentially causing thousands of fatalities" 

US Consumer Watchdog, July 2019

"Cybersecurity principles and practices should be applied to ensure that attackers cannot gain arbitrary control of a vehicle’s movement and that attacks are exceptionally difficult to scale to the point of simultaneously exploiting multiple vehicles"

Safety First for Automated Driving, US transportation industry paper, July 2019

SAPSAV system architecture is the solution...